About us



                                     Dear Customers who support CPS Inc.



                                     Established in 2007 as an affiliated company of Samjin Commerce Crop. for import and export,

                                     CPS Inc. has always provided a new milestone to the world business history with our challenging

                                     and pioneering spirit in international trade overseas investment despite of countless hardship and misfortune.



                                     We have especially played an important role exporting renowned and excellent Korean products globally

                                     and service to the global market and as a global business organizer, we have also showed remarkable

                                     capabilities in creating new businesses in cooperation with customers by the combination of skilled trading techniques,

                                     strong financing abilities and various business models.



                                     Based on its creative business experiences and knowledge accumulated in the global market as well as its

                                     strong marketing power, CPS Inc. will make every possible effort to make a remarkable

                                     and world-surprising business history by securing differentiated capabilities and high competitiveness.

                                     We also hope to be customers good friend and a wonderful business partner to achieve successful business

                                     in cooperation with customers.



                                    We would like to thank you customers for always encouraging and supporting us, and all the employees will cooperate

                                    with each other so that CPS Inc. may grow into a global business organizer that leads the global market.




                                    Thank you.


                                     Philip YoungKyun Ahn / CEO & President