We can offer the following fuel based services.

  2.                        ■Industrial Gasoil / Fuel oil
                             We supply gasoil/fuel oil to regional retail market, powering our clients with accurate and reliable delivery
  3.                           through our networks of road tankers and customised barges.
  4.                        ■Bunkering
                              We provide bunkering services to commercial shipping navy, including high-seas refuelling into remote locations/ports all over Asia Pacific.
  5.                        ■Project Cargoes
                              We are able to ship specialised petroleum cargoes (up to 40,000MT) in the Asia Pacific region to support our clients’ demand.
  6.                        ■Hedging
                              We also provide hedging services to maximise clients investments, as well as minimising fluctuations
  7.                             and reducing clients exposure in this volatile commodity market.



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